Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) – a food voyage to nostalgia !!

Authentic South Indian dishes accompanied by pure ghee, glimpse of history dating back to  pre-independence era , aroma of filter coffee served in silver tumbler and the diversity of dinners , are the experiences to cherish on breakfast @ the  Mavalli Tiffin Rooms aka MTR.  Opened in 1924 and located at  lalbagh road near west gate, MTR is one of the oldest restaurants in namma Bengaluru.


I had vivid memories of the place from my last visit along with my friends in 2004 .  Last week when we went for a Marathon at cubban park , I had coaxed my hubby that after we finish the run , we would go to for an authentic and healthy south Indian breakfast at MTR.

The restaurant itself is located on a very busy road and it will take you some time to find the parking and cross the street.  Though it was just  8 in the morning , there were already so many souls waiting , reading the menu and thinking what to order . From Bangalore’s literati to g- literati ,  Tommy Hilfiger clad techies to gandhi kurta clad artists,  couples spending all the time vying eyeing each other to housewives cajoling their kids to keep quiet , you will find a mélange of people at MTR .

The place itself has a old world charm to it , with  heavy brass lights and Black and White photographs adorning its roof and walls. MTR works on a simple principle , as soon as you enter you put your name across the person who is taking a note of the guest and the number of diners . There is a waiting room where you can wait for your call .Once your name will be called you will be ushered to the particular table. We were lucky and our turn came only after 10 minutes . There are no separate tables and you will be sharing your table with other guests . I feel places like MTR are social equalizers as they don’t discriminate in the name of age , caste ,money, sex or profession. We were sharing our table with a group of retired people who had come for breakfast after their morning walk . Their idli and poori was over , though it was just 8 in the morning . So , we decided to go with Rava idli , Masala dosa , upma and kesari bath for my son .

Everything is served with a generous dollop of ghee and surprise surprise there is no sambhar . Just chutney with your dosas and aloo sagu with ur rava idli . But the taste is amazing , MTR lives upto its expectations .

The dosas are little too thick looks living up to its  Karnataka specialty. The rava idli was fluffy with generous use of coriander leaves and full of flavors. The kesari bath has a generous use of semia and the texture was so delectable as if  small pearls lilting your tongue with the aroma of ghee and saffron. The coffee served in silver tumblers was dark , aromatic and perfect to go with your masala dosa or the rava idli.

 MTR is an experience which needs to be savored, it enthralls our senses. The food , the atmosphere and the vibrant crowd adds to the enigma of place . We came out happy ,satiated and somehow repeating in our heart , we need to come again.

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